Current Standings 
(Last Updated 10/4/16)
2015-2016 Tryout Schedule Dates
Each tryout date will consist of 2 rounds, totaling 10 total rounds for the season. A players ranking will be determined by the players top rated 8 rounds (the 2 lowest will be dropped). 
We will try to announce the courses a few weeks before the set date. The courses we play will largely depend on weather, and changes may occur up to the day before the tryout date if necessary. 

Tryout 1- 10/23/16
1st Round: Conifer
2nd Round: Bailey

Tryout 2- 11/06/16
3rd Round: Optimist
4th Round: Pessimist
Fort Morgan, CO

Tryout 3- TBD
5th Round:
6th Round:

Tryout 4- TBD
7th Round:
8th Round:

Tryout 5- TBD
9th Round:
10th Round:

Tryout 6- TBD
11th Round:
12th Round: