The following links contain valuable disc golf information geared towards improving your performance and understanding of the game. 

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--Dynamic Discs has posted many videos that explain some of the finer and more confusing rules of disc golf. Check them out here.
--The SpinTV has a great playlist of videos, including a putting tutorial from 4x World Champion Paul McBeth. Watch them all here.
--Discmania's Deep in the Game series contains some of the most valuable advice out there, from some of disc golf's top pros. These are a must watch for any competitive disc golfer, you can find them here.
-- A putting clinic from one of disc golf's greats, Dave Feldberg. This video is almost an hour long and has everything you need to shave strokes on the green. Watch it here
-- An awesome clinic on proper forehand technique from one of the best in the game, Ricky Wysocki. Watch it here