Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer ambitions for the club

This summer is going to be an important, busy summer for the CSU disc golf club.  This club has the potential to be a bigger club with more members and influence in both the sport of disc golf and CSU.  We encourage anyone attending CSU to try out for the club to better their discing abilities and join a fun club who want to make an impact on the ever more popular sport of disc golf.

Last April, our club did not fare too well in the championship division at the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships due to a variety of reasons.  This upcoming year looks much more hopeful however, because our first flight team was able to take the defending first flight champs, Ferris State, to sudden death playoff after four days of fierce competition.  Though we lost in the playoff, the strong finish at second place demonstrates the young talent on the team ready to take on the challenge of trying out for the championship division next year.

The CSU Disc Golf Club will be hosting a fundraiser tournament in late August but the dates have not been finalized quite yet so you will see the information regarding that in a later post.

In other news, the Colorado State Disc Golf Club is excited to announce the arrival of our new sponsor, SAVAGE.  They are a clothing apparel company who are invested in multiple sports including disc golf.  SAVAGE has a great selection of customizable jerseys and polos and we are ecstatic to represent them!

Finally, the tryouts for next year are going to be a bit different in years past as we will have to qualify for the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships so we will be attending a qualifier in Emporia, Kansas.  This is an exciting opportunity where we will be able to be more engaged in the competitive collegiate environment.  The details regarding this qualifier will also be addressed in a later post as Kansas University, the host of the tournament hasn't released details about the tournament.

If there is any questions regarding any of these topics especially any interest in becoming a member of our club please feel free to send an email to our president Maverick Robertson at

More correspondence coming soon!